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Maureen McLean the most honest real estate agent I have ever met. My family and I had been living in our home for 51 years. After my son died in 2013 and then my father in 2017. My mom and I decided it was time for a change. Real estate in the San Francisco Bay area was really good. So it seemed like the right time to sell. However, where would we go?if we relocate we have to change all our doctors. The fear of leaving our well-established environment was overwhelming, to say the least! We've known our neighbors forever and we all look out for eachother. All these feelings were extremely strong and felt crippling. We called Maureen and set up a meeting in the comfort of our home. Maureen listened to our fears, needs and wants. She was very compassionate and realistic. She helped us see the positive weighed out the negative thoughts we were having. She showed us what our new life could look like. She walked us through the process we needed to sell our home. Maureen with her wide range of resources, knowledge and experienced helped us through everything. She knows exactly what to do to get her clients the best possible results. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure her clients are completely satisfied! The phrase, "you need to spend a little to make more" is true. We spent a little money preparing our home to sell. Our home was already in really good condition but needed a little TLC before marketing. We followed Maureen suggestions and came out with a sell figure that was heard to believe we actually got for our 1030 sqft home. The profit we made was over a million. Thank you Maureen. Now we needed to go shopping, which brought up more fears! We were so afraid of not finding a home in the location we choose before closing on our current home. A lot of agents would just point you in the direction you need to go and be done, not Maureen. She stayed with us and helped us find a new home exactly where we wanted to be. A new home in a safe gated community that's perfect for two over aged women and their dog. Maureen negotiated the sale and handed us the keys to our new home. She worked with the title companies for both houses and timed everything perfectly. She is amazing! Maureen McLean cares about her clients. She stayed with us from beginning to end. Through the process of selling our home and moving us in to our new home. Plus, everything in between including the conversations of reassuring us everything would fall in to place exactly when it was supposed to and it did. We have been in our new home for a few months and we love it here. We are so grateful to Maureen for her honesty, kindness, knowledge and professionalism. We would have never been able to accomplish our new wonderful life without Maureen expertise. We recommend Maureen to everyone and anyone. Maureen lives up to being in the best 2% of her field. Thank you Maureen for helping us find our new life.
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